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How To Measure

IMPORTANT thing to remember when measuring the hot tub for a new cover is that it should never be measured short. Overall dimension exceeding by an inch is considered big enough for a perfect fit.

It is always recommended that you measure from the outside of the acrylic shell. We fabricate cover with two options.

Option 1: Cover only the acrylic shell of the hot tub. This option is most popular.

Option 2: Cover over the wood skirt of the hot tub cabinet. In this case, we suggest you measure from the outside edge of the shell.

Measuring Radius

Spa cover Measuring Radius scheme

Method 1:

Most hot tub have rounded corners or radius corners. To measure the radius of these curves extend two imaginary lines to meet at a point from the start of the curve. The length of this imaginary line (red line) represents the radius of the curve. The lines start where the cover begins to curve, and ends where they cross.

Method 2:

If you have an old cover, put the cover on the top of a newspaper and align the two edges of the cover with the edge of newspaper. The distance from the corner of the newspaper, to where the cover completely covers the paper is the radius of the corner.

Method 3:

Trace the outside edge of the rounded corner on a piece paper. Then FAX it to us at 705 797 1380

Note: Measure all radius corners. Make sure that all are equal. A slight difference in each radius will hang the spa or will not cover the spa completely.